About Shadi

I am: Child of God, Friend, Lover, Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, insatiable word lover; an all out Jane.of.all.Trades.

I’m out to discover all there is to Shadi; this is HerStory in the making.

I am “the other half” of a set of twins, my best friend’s name is Mashadi (no, it isn’t really the same name), and I love her ferociously. From the very beginning of time, I have had a sister and friend. We are inseparable, but our fights are fearsome to watch, just ask our mom. I don’t need to tell you that we always find our way back to each other 5 (long) minutes later.

Better Halves?
Better Halves?

I am mom to two people who make my world a brighter place. Princess Mika (6) and Sir Khumo (4) are where my heart lives. I am a friend to many, although I lead an extremely dull life. Nine years of marriage have taught me a lot about life and about myself too. I won’t lie and say all these lessons have been pleasant, but I am still here, so I guess I’m not done learning yet.

I absolutely LOVE my job as a Business Analyst for a corporate which operates from a glass house (seriously) somewhere in the corporate jungle that is Johannesburg. When I am not wring kick ass Business Case documents, BRD’s and Functional Spec’s, I like to dabble in words. Reading, writing, speaking, hearing, and whatever else you can do with words. This blog has been a long time coming, trust me.

Other than my job, I also love my mom Moipone Mabitsela, the most amazing woman in the world. I love my Lord Jesus Christ, I love chocolate, I love adventure, I love life. I do.

So, please join me on this journey. Please talk to me; leave your comments.

And once again, thank you for your time!